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why single lcd screen projectors are so popular on market?

Time:2022-05-31 Views:160
The cost advantages is the most important reason single screen LCD projectors popular on market.

First of all, let‘t check the main parts of single screen LCD projector: lens, Philips mirror, LCD screen, insulating glass, optical cup, LED light source, radiator, fan, power supply.
Simple internal structure will allow it can be assemble quickly which will save labour ans raw material cost.

The functions of the main parts:
Lens: It is composed of multiple convex lenses and concave lenses, and is one of the core components of the optical path.
The quality of the lens affects the image quality and clarity of the projection directly. The focal length of the lens of single-chip projectors is generally dominated by telephoto, and the material is generally made of glass lenses. Improve the light transmittance of the lens
Fresnel: There are two Philippine mirrors in a single-chip LCD projector, one in front and one behind, one scattered to the light source and the other concentrated, so that the light can be uniformly projected on the screen or wall while reducing the loss as much as possible..
LCD screen: The main body of the object image, the aperture ratio and temperature resistance of the LCD screen will directly affect the brightness of the projection; at the same time, the resolution of the LCD screen will directly affect the fineness and clarity of the projected image quality.
LED light source: it is energy saving and environmental protection lamp with long and stable life which will save the repair fee for customers.

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